Well done Amber

Hands are so difficult, but not only did Amber (age 13yrs) do a wonderful job of it, she also created movement and atmosphere with this pencil drawing. She said “I just thought I’d give it a try”. Glad you did Amber, it’s fantastic.

Well done Amber

This beautiful rose was created by a 13yr old with a real talent and taste for art. Amber said “I used coloured pencils and it took 3 hours”. Thanks for requesting this to be on here Amber, we’d all agree it’s wonderful.

Well done Kitti

Kitti did a lovely job of this rabbit artwork, her drawing is beautiful. Remember folks contact me to let me know if you want your art on display on the SWIRLY SOPH ART app. Kitti wrote “Hey Sophie here are a couple more pictures”.

Well done Skye

Skye’s parent wrote “Skye is only three and a half, she loves painting. While I was painting the flower challenge she painted this one”. So lovely to get kids involved in art. (The art Challenge referred to was suggested by another app user. ‘Swirly Soph Art’ app, on its JOIN IN icon).