Welcome. Your Art Displayed

You did it!

A place to view YOUR creativity. The SWIRLY SOPH ART app has a ‘Join in’ section with ideas of what to paint, and its ‘Challenge’ section explains how to get YOUR ART ON HERE! Now let’s see what busy bees have requested there Art to be on display.

Well done Paula

Paula wrote “I have been an art teacher for several years, and have always enjoyed painting and drawing, it took quite a while to complete. I did the patterns art challenge”. Wow this is so detailed and stunning.

Well done Charlie

Charlie’s parent wrote “Charlie did this at school and I was so proud of him, it was a person he admired, we didn’t even know he could draw so well until he came home with it”. You should be proud, it’s a fantastic likeness.

Well done Skye

Skye’s parent wrote “Skye is only three and a half, she loves painting. While I was painting the flower challenge she painted this one”. So lovely to get kids involved in art. (The art Challenge referred to was suggested by another app user. ‘Swirly Soph Art’ app, on its JOIN IN icon).